Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phone

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How would you live without technology, do you think it’s easy? Ever since technology became a very useful for people to communication, nowadays all people use different tip of technology like laptop, iPad, computer and mobile phone. But now people use technology for everything, such as studding, working, shopping and communicate with each other by WhatsApp, Snapchat and other Apps. Most of people prefer to use the mobile phone, because it have many apps that help the people if they are searching, make a call or take photo. However, there are several disadvantage in using mobile like brain cancer, poor sleep and it get neck pain and there is one advantage is communication with other.

Having brain tumor is the first effect of using the mobile phone in our
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That mean is a typical dissension. Neck pain can be stressed from poor stance, whether it's hanging over your PC or slouching over your workbench. Osteoarthritis additionally is a typical reason for neck torment. For instance, setting a long time playing in mobile phone without moving the head, that make the neck aching and so hard to flexes to the right, left, up and down. According to Lee e al (2017), in “Science Direct”, An application based neck practice emphatically impacts torment force of over use of the mobile phone, utilitarian handicap and somewhat enhances muscle quality, SF-36 score, and FABQ score, and how is the mobile phone is effect of people health. In fact, that lead people in having neck pain and diseases in over use of mobile phone all the time without moves it. However, using mobile phone can help many people to show any feeling by using emoji in communication. That mean to tock and see other by mobile phone without to see then in face to face communication. Communication with other can help some people how shay, similar when someone cannot to speck well, the mobiles apps can help by show some pitchers and send voice
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