Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Prezi

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Before computers were commonplace, presenters usually had an easel with posters or drawings to show any necessary graphics to the audience. In some cases the speaker would have a slide projector with a carousel of individual slides to show photographs on a screen.
Nowadays, there are various software package suites contain a program designed together with speaker when we make a presentation. Those specific presentation program is suite but not always, in the form of a slide show, most likely used in years past.
These presentation software programs make it simple and easy to create a presentation for the audiences. They contain a text editor to add the written content, and abilities within the program to add different design charts and
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Prezi has the flexibility in creating slides, for instance, animated slides. Prezi templates are more aesthetic. There is no need drawing skills to use Prezi as all the tools are easy to manipulate with the click of a button. However, the animations created may distract readers from the main topic. There is limited selection of fonts and colours in Prezi. Mastering Prezi is time consuming.
Overall, Prezi is great tool that many would find very useful in the making of presentation.
Basically, the ‘free’ word has indicate that it doesn’t cost anything. Thus, freeware is a software which offered free of charge. Freeware is copyrighted and it belongs to individual or any company which had all the rights to it. This is why software developers couldn’t incorporate freeware in applications and sell it. Freeware possess user licenses or EULA which is the ‘End User Licenses Agreement’. Each license will be different to the specific freeware but commonly they have the same restriction.
There are a few rights, responsibilities and only one remedy when you download a freeware.
That you will not have to pay for the program, in any

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