Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Ultrasound Over Conventional Methods

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Advantages of using ultrasound over conventional methods. Low equipment cost. Easy installation. No additional emulsifier is required to be added in the process. Production of smaller sized particles with the help of ultrasound is much easier. The process is environment friendly. There are less chances of mechanical failure as a stirrer (impeller) is not required. Micro and Nano spheres produced by this method show a better size distribution. As the temperatures involved in this method is not that high the drug are safe from being decomposed. There is no need of purification in this method as there is no residual solvent obtained in this method. It is a cost-effective method as compared to other methods. The drug loading in micro and nano spheres produced with the help of ultrasound is easier. The loading capacity is higher. The energy required in this entire process is the energy required for the production of ultrasound which is comparatively lower than that in the…show more content…
The swelling agent used in this case is 1,2,3-Trimethyl benzene and the mineralizing agent is ammonium fluoride. The silica source used is tetra ortho silicate (TEOS) and these mixture is used in acidic conditions. In this method the surfactant P-123 was diluted by a strong acid i.e. 1.6M HCL and was stirred in a stirrer for 1 hour at 40oC followed by the addition of swelling agent and the mineralizing and this mixture was further stirred for 20 hours under the same condition. Then the silica source i.e. TEOS was added and this mixture was stirred for another 24 hours under the same operating condition and the solid that was obtained at the end of the process was then filtered, then washed with de-ionized water followed by calcination at 500oC for another 8 hours to remove the organic component. Hence, MCF silica was
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