Advantages And Disadvantages Of Valsatan

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DEVELOPMENT & EVALUATION OF FAST DISINTEGRATING FILMS AND TABLETS OF VALSARTAN G.Sandhyarani 1,M.Madhuri 2 1,2 vaageswari college of pharmacy,Karimnager Corresponding Abstract Orodispersible dosage forms are used for accurate dosing, enhanced bioavailability, rapid action, patient compliance, easy of administration, enhanced palatability. Valsartan is a specific and selective type-1 angiotensin II receptor antagonist which blocks the blood pressure increasing effects angiotensin II via the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. Valsaratan orodispersible films are prepared using all polymers HPMC E3,HPMC E15,HPMC 5cps,HPMC 15cps,HPMC 50cps, HPMC 50cps+CP in 39.68 mg., 59.52 mg quantity…show more content…
• With a view to enhance the patient compliance and provide quick onset of action. Oral disintegrating tablets and Films of Valsartan were designed • The objectives of ODF & ODT of Valsartan are: • To prepare oral disintegrating tablets of Valsartan by direct compression technique & oral disintegrating films by solvent casting method in order to achieve rapid disintegration time. • To evaluate the Valsartan formulations by invitro and invivo taste evaluation methods and select the best formulation among them. PLAN OF WORK • Selection and optimization of film forming polymers to formulate Valsartan ODFs by solvent casting method. • Selection and optimization of superdisintegrants to formulate Valsartan ODTs by direct compression method. • To evaluate these Valsartan formulations by invitro methods and to select the best formulation among them. • Invivo evaluation of taste, mouth feel and disintegration time of optimized Valsartan…show more content…
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