Advantages And Disadvantages Of Web-Based Education

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However, there are a few issues to be dealt with if web-based learning is fully implemented in educational institutions. Firstly, change in learning theories and approaches may lead to confusion or difficulties among teachers and students (Web-based Learning: Good or Bad?). As discussed earlier, in web-based learning approach, teachers are facilitators and motivators. It is up to the students in carrying out the activities planned by the teachers creatively and constructs their knowledge about the lesson by themselves with guide from the teachers.

Therefore, some of the students might feel lost especially during the early stages of implementation of this approach as they are used to be spoon-fed and depend solely on the teachers to give
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V. Pawar, of Department of Computer Science,North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, India, in his research paper titled “Web Based School Education In India: Problems, Considerations, Approaches & Important Features Of Web-Based Learning Environment” claimed that “limited bandwidth of Internet connection gives slower performance for sound, video and intensive graphics, causing long waits for downloads that can affect the ease of the learning process”.

Therefore, implementation of web-based learning in educational institutions might be quite difficult due to issues such as change in learning approach leads to confusion and difficulties for teachers and students, and the problem of computer illiteracy and connection and bandwidth issues.
All in all, web-based learning leads to some changes in teachers’ and students’ role in learning processes, and it also comes with some prospects and issues in implementing the approach in educational institutions. However, if it is to be viewed from the perspective of education in Malaysia, we are moving towards the implementation of this innovative approach. Teachers, regardless of either the ones working in schools, or in tertiary education institutions, have started to implement web-based learning in their
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