Advantages And Disadvantages Of Western Culture

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ABSTRACT The Philippines is one of the most westernized countries in Asia, and western influence was easily accepted and adopted by Filipinos. This can be seen in the Philippine culture until today. Westernization can have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of food, music and education in the Philippines. One of the disadvantages includes the decrease of national sentiment in each Filipino, especially the teens today, while one of the advantages is that teens still follow the Filipinos' way of greeting which is to bless and say “po” and “opo” when talking to elders. This study aims to raise awareness of the different effects of being a westernized country.

INTRODUCTION The term Westernization is defined as “the transmission
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It aims to help others see and analyze the effects of western culture in the Philippines. This study also discusses how the young adults, specifically the students of the College of Liberal Arts in De La Salle University-Manila are exposed to the western culture. Aside from that, the researchers would want to know the different advantages and disadvantages of Westernization in terms of food, music and education. This may also help other researchers who will be studying about this topic to add to their ideas.

The researchers made use of survey forms, answered by the College of Liberal Arts students of De La Salle University-Manila. The researchers personally approached students one by one. The students were asked to spare two minutes of their time to answer the survey. The respondents waited for the students to finish answering to assure the accomplishment of the surveys and for any clarifications. This was done only for a week.

Below are the results of the survey forms, which conclude the form of western exposure that College of Liberal Arts students have and the advantages and disadvantages of being a westernized country in terms of food, music and

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