Advantages And Disadvantages Of Western Medicine Essay

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Compare and Contrast: Advantages/Disadvantages
Western Medicine
Using these medications offers a great advantage, as they work to treat the pathophysiological problem and are also individualized to the type of seizure. The disadvantages of these medications are that they have to be reduced over a six to twelve week period to prevent rebound seizure activity or adverse effects (Adams & Urban, 2016).
Complementary and Alternative Medicine
The advantage of CAM therapy is that it is a more natural way of helping manage health conditions. The disadvantage is that the CAM therapies mentioned do not actually heal the pathological problem that persists in the patient with epilepsy. It may help with restoring a deficiency, but it will not stop the excessive firing of neurons.
Biblical Worldview
One advantage of applying a Biblical Worldview to epilepsy is acknowledging the healing power of God in our lives. Matthew 11:28 calls Christians to come to God when they are “weary and burdened” to find rest. The disadvantage of a Biblical Worldview would be that the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy was not as advanced as today’s practices.
Compare and Contrast: Nurse’s Role/Teaching
Western Medicine
Patients must also be taught to report bleeding due to blood dyscrasias, change in vision, wear sun protective clothing, avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine, make position changes slowly because of the potential of orthostatic hypotension, maintain oral hygiene for the risk of gingival
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