Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wireless Technology

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Internet of Things is the connectivity concept which makes all the devices, connected to the main monitoring device via Wired or Wireless. The communication that is been used by IoT is possessing an RFID. Every device in this IoT network seems to physically individual, but they are all connected with a same unison. There are more than 12 billions connected and according to stats, in coming years it would increase to more than 26 times of present. IoT is the most fashionable way of connecting devices and communicating them in an intelligent way. As all the devices are connected, it is now driving the world towards a single and large information system.
The connectivity method usually depends on type of application needed. When it is for the wired access, parameters interms of security , low response time and many more which makes it more suitable for the Important IoT applications
The main problem with the Wired in Mobility. Wireless technologies helps in overcoming the problem. The new wireless technology helps in establishing technology for the applications with low critical nature. Wireless communication offers flexibility and is inexpensive as we don’t use any physical cable like optical fiber, copper cable, co-axial cable, etc.. which are impractical as latency and reliability are not the major concerns. There are many types of wireless communication systems that can be categorized as Wireless LAN, Wireless PAN, near field communication. Short range

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