Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wordpress

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5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of WordPress Development And Usage

In this digital age, it would almost be a mistake for any business not to have an online presence. Even if that business is doing very well offline in its brick and mortar outfit, it would certainly perform much better if it can move some of its products online. Daily, millions of people come to different online platforms to communicate, source information or transact business. The internet is rich with potential customers just waiting to patronize your goods or service.

One of the best ways of getting an online presence is by the development of your business website. A website offers tremendous advantages to the growth of any business. It helps to introduce the business
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WordPress is an open source platform. This means that the codes that have already been written and used can be reused by developers without having to start from the beginning or modify. This has given thousands of developers worldwide the avenue to develop themes, plugins etc, for the WordPress platform. This saves them tremendous time since they are working on a foundation that has already been laid. The more these developers develop WordPress themes and plugins, the more popular the platform becomes.

2. Usability and simplicity:

WordPress developers may love WordPress development because of its Open Source nature, but average users love WordPress because of its high user-friendliness. For most other Content Management Systems, you must, up to a good extent have basic technical knowledge to develop and manage them. But that is not same for WordPress. It is very simplistic. You don 't need any technical knowledge neither do you need to understand programming language before you can use it. It works on a principle of click and use, and drag and drop. Anyone can use it and use it quite well.

Perhaps you want to add some pages to your website or change the theme or color, you don 't need to hire a developer or designer, as you may have to do with other CMS. When it comes to WordPress, all of these can be done yourself with a simple click of a bottom. This saves precious time and

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