Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working In A Group Project

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Working in a group setting can cause strain on some individuals, but it also can be helpful to the same individual. Group projects are a major component to both negative and positive effects. There are then easy and hard components of working in a group setting, that can range from person to person. The easiest part of working in a group project was commitment, trust, and motivation. In our group everyone was committed toward getting a great grade and wanting to work for that. Group projects usually tend to have people rely on others to do the work. For this project, for example, I believe my group did not have that issue. We all worked together, splitting parts up for the presentation, including the PowerPoint, annotated bibliography, and…show more content…
In our group, some of us work so it was hard to find a time for us to meet around our classes and work schedules. There was a time when a member was called into work the time we were meeting. This caused some issues because she had the folder with all information. Due to that, we were unable to complete all our tasks for that day. Conflict can also arise making it difficult. Some individuals take on more tasks than others not making it fair on either member. The member with less work might finish earlier and may not have much to talk about, while the one with more work and go into more detail and talk more about it. The project is supposed to be split up evenly so this caused an issue. Overcoming differences is also a major issue that came up. Some of our thoughts did not match up with other members of the group. We spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to work those two things into the project, instead of finding the best and working with that. This caused us to lose time that we could have been using to make our project…show more content…
This can work smoothly for some individuals, while making it very difficult for others. There are skills that should be present to make everything run smoothly. Communication is a major skill that everyone should work on when in a group setting. You have to be able to voice your opinion and give ideas. If there is no communication between a group, two individuals may work on the same topic. This causes an issue and everyone to be behind schedule. Communication also allows people to know who is doing what, when everyone is meeting, and how to do a task in the way everyone wants. This then leads to trust. Trust is also a major skill as nursing majors and as students that we need to have and strengthen. In group settings, trust needs to be established to work as a group. When trust is established within a group, the group can rely on others to give feedback if they do not agree with something mentioned. Everyone wants the best grade they can receive and without communication and trust that would not be possible. Relating to nurses, trust needs to be present because if one nurse asks another for help, they need to be able to trust they complete the task the complete and proper way. It works for group projects in the same way. If you ask a member to complete a task for you that you are unable to complete, you have to trust they will complete it and in the same way you would. This then leads to
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