Advantages And Disadvantages To Join The Eu

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As per the study of the European Union, EU came in action to sort out the causes of other nations which use to have wars which were set up after the Second World War. As they tried their best to solve out the issues of other countries but they ended up having more problems which EU faced and was difficult to solve them out as the rate of unemployed people was too much and the economic growth was getting affected in this situations the other nations started to think up the how to keep up the relation between the nations with EU. As the problems were arriving day by day that the issues were where not getting solved by the EU so everyone started thinking the future of the EU. Sometimes when the European Union use to take any decisions to solve the issues out it takes a longer time to solve out the problem and the process which helps out to ease the situations it takes time as well to sort out the situations was getting worst day by day. Another major issue was that the migrants who were coming for the undeveloped countries were arriving to seek the jobs and to reduce their stress and poverty In their nation but already there was too much of difficulty faced by the EU to solve other problems and work out for their internal problem. Even thought
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Economic Growth
One of the most important merits of joining the EU is that when the smaller nations get together for one economic growth where it gives the growth for both local and global entities. Larger economical trade makes better import and export both local and worldwide.

2. It has helped to modernize countries THE Best example OF the modernization of countries can be turkey, joining EU brought a commitment to human rights and discrimination of the nations. Entering the union made more people come and visit the countries which bring more local consumers and turkey is known for its antiques and
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