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Section B: Application Application 1: Chapter 7: Military Manoeuvres Military manoeuvring refers to the ability to balance extreme demands between optimum preparation and speediness. While a group opts for speed over preparation, they risk losing its resources that are unprepared but they have the first mover advantage. In comparison, a group which prefers preparation over speed, they risk valuable opportunities in certain times, but they can analyse the enemy forces and improve their own forces and reduce the percentage of losing because they are fully prepared. Before Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd was established by Landmark Company in 1999, India faced an economic crisis in the early 1990s, the crisis was finally solved by the government,…show more content…
In warfare, the purpose of such communications can draw the attention of the troops, denote the different formations and divisions of the army and boost army’s morale and frighten away the enemy. Lifestyle International Pvt. Ltd provided good communication with its employees with an official website for employees to state their comments and reviews about their job. From a few different websites, most Lifestyle employees were satisfied with their jobs, and therefore gave them a great motivation to excel their work, which was a good impression for…show more content…
Besides that, the company was also recognized amongst top 21st Best Work Place in Asia across sectors in a study on Asia's Best Workplaces 2015 conducted by Great Place to Work Institute. This implies that the company has make use of the strategy in Sun Zi's Art of War Chapter 9 Movement and Deployment of Troops.The company believes that with greater loyalty, higher standards of discipline can be applied on the employees and results in a stronger and creative

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