Advantages And Effects Of Refugee Refugees

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Refugee warriors are citizens of one state who crossed the border as a refugee and live in in a neighboring country. Citizens live in camps on the borders of the state that they were born. In the camps the refugees live in the refugee warriors conduct war against the regime that is in power or control. Sometimes we feel sympathy for what they do and in other instances we may disapprove. Whether we approve or disapprove their actions they are refugee warriors and if they have and if they flee from their home and live in neighboring countries like refugee communities and start attacks against the regime that is in power in their home from bases in the neighboring countries. There are conditions in being a refugee warrior and to be a member a person’s parents or grandparents fled from a region in their place of origin and secondly the person uses violence to remove the regime that is in control. The base for carrying on the conflict is placed in refugee communities in neighboring countries. Refugee warriors weaken the regime in their home country and their host state but that doesn’t mean that refugee warriors are bad because free their own people from persecution.


MINUSTAH which is short for the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti had brought stability to Haiti. In 2004 Haiti suffered chaos in their country. MINUSTAH’s plan was deploy and provide security quickly and make efforts to help make political process and support in elections with working the
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