Advantages And Limitations Of Photo Editing

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This ancient technique was regarded as a competent technique for photo editing at that time but had numerous difficulties. The procedures involved were very lengthy, complicated and time consuming and required a lot of skill to be able to complete and attain perfection. This hindered the frequent practices of the techniques as the procedure requirements were not made available to everyone. As the concept of photography kept evolving so did the concept of photo editing. This brought about the introduction of computer embedded photo editing softwares. An example of a photo editing software currently in use is Adobe Photoshop CS6. Photoshop is a computer software used for editing and manipulation of raster graphics/images. It was created by Thomas…show more content…
Photoshop can now be applied by professionals such as graphic designers, architects, photographers, web designers, companies, typographists, animators, publishers and also non-professionally by simple individuals. Other than image editing and altering, Photoshop can be used for showing possible design sketches of websites, drawings and product packaging prototypes. It can also be used for creating 3D objects, graphic user interfaces, typography and animated characters. In addition, it can be used commercially for designing posters, billboards, magazines, brochures and book covers. Recently, the limitations and flaws of Photoshop have been discovered and has been criticised based on these limitations. The biggest limitation of Adobe Photoshop is that there are so many tools on the software that execute various activities, therefore it is quite difficult to operate and was not actually designed for novice users. It takes quite some time for users to effectively learn how to make use of each tool. Another major limitation is Adobe Photoshop software is considered as an industry standard and is quite expensive to purchase and this makes it unaffordable to certain
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