Advantages And Opportunities Of Portugal

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Introduction Portugal is a relatively balanced country and while holding some positive and negative points, I believe that Portugal is an attractive location to invest. I feel that the topics discussed are what highlights the advantages and opportunities to utilize in the country. I will go in depth about the topics I feel that stand out within the country as a whole and what makes investment in the country more appealing in the current economy and future. Geography Portugal shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain with a total area of 92,090 square kilometers. Portugal is a diverse country geographically and the environment varies greatly. The north is high and mountainous which is divided by the largest river in Portugal called The…show more content…
This gives Portugal a unique advantage from an international perspective and proves that it can be a gateway for international business. Cultural Culture plays a large role within society and the business environment of Portugal when compared to a country like the U.S. This is of important concern when considering doing business in Portugal and the ability to conform to society. The Portuguese are conservative, traditional, and are people who hold formality when dealing with one another, which is shown through the form of politeness. Their culture respects hierarchy for example business and society are vertically structured. Investing time in building relationships and trust with business colleagues is a very important part of their business culture along with communication. They also have a more relaxed attitude towards time and do not see deadlines as crucial as people from many other cultures do which could possible contradicting for incoming businesses, clientele and etc. (Kwint). The differences in cultures are always relevant when doing business in foreign countries. Considering Portugal is part of the EU they have much more similarities with the surrounding countries which is definitely a benefit from a cultural perspective even
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