Advantages Of 360 Degree Appraisals

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360 Degree Appraisals I interviewed the human resource team member, Sonya, who is assigned to my department at work. She was involved with or conducted 360 degree appraisals up until roughly six months ago when she started with the current company. I spoke with Sonya about what exactly she considered a 360 degree appraisal. Sonya told me that customarily nearly all of the information covered in the performance area is leadership, teamwork, communication skills, and adaptability to new situations or last minute assignments. While we were talking about this she did go over some of the differences between 180 degree appraisals and the 360 degree ones. One of the main differences that she pointed out is that 360 degree involves customer…show more content…
Another advantage that we discussed is that since the 360 degree appraisal allows multiple sources of feedback it becomes more difficult for an employee to strike down or brush aside the review and any constructive criticism that went along with it. This also assists HR representatives if an employee complains about their review, stating that the unsatisfactory review was because the leader does not like them. It also allows for the HR representative to talk with the employee about the overall evaluation and explain that it comes from multiple sources. There are a few other advantages that Sonya discussed. Some of these include that the employees acquire a broader view of how everyone around them perceives them. They are also able to have a more rounded view of their performance. With the awareness they can understand where they need to develop as well as showing upper management where development is needed. Disadvantages of 360 Degree Appraisals While Sonya talked about some strong advantages of 360 degree appraisals she advised that they were not for everyone and not for every company. Sonya advised that there are disadvantages that come with this kind of appraisal. It was mentioned that some employees do not like this type of appraisal because they do not think they are always unbiased. One disadvantage that Sonya has seen is that the employees and customers who
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