Advantages Of Alternative Assessment

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Puhl (1997), alternative assessments let students to establish their understanding and personal significance of what they have learnt in class. Suzieleez Syrene Abdul and Tajularipin Sulaiaman (2006), alternative assessment methods promotes higher-order, creative and critical thinking because the students has more control of their learning. On the other hand, alternative assessment is characterized as an alternative to standardized, norm-referenced, multiple choice testing and typically claims the following features (Wiggins, 1989b; Linn et al., 1991; Linn & Baker, 1996) cited in Maclellan (2004): • student involvement in setting goals and criteria for assessment; • performing a task, creating an artefact/product; • use of higher level thinking and/or problem solving skills; • measuring metacognitive, collaborative and intrapersonal skills as well as intellectual products; • measuring meaningful…show more content…
Performance assessments are evaluations that involve engaging students in a performance or in creating products that are presented for an audience (Ybarra & Hollingsworth, 1996). Common performance assessments include oral reports and group demonstrations (Brookhart, 2005). Individual performance tasks may fall under the category of authentic assessment, but they also may not (Erickson, 2001). Often when using performance assessments, teachers will use rubrics to evaluate students’ work, to state the criteria by which they will evaluate the project, and to provide the students with information about what is expected of them as they complete the tasks (Fischer & King,
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