Advantages Of Apple Inc's Business Strategy

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According to Sun-Zi art of war, Sun-Zi greatly emphasize on the status and the role of the generals. In Chapter Four: Diposition Of army , it is written that “In ancient times, those who were skillful in warfare ensued that they would not be defeated and then waited for opportunities to defeat the enemy”. The enemy is referred as someone you are up against or competing.

A skillful and intelligent people can be ensured that unless will not be defeated by the enemy, but victory is not necessary in hand and wait opportunity to counterattack back to their enemy.

2.2 Company’s Practices/Operation

Apple Inc is an American multinational technology company that designs,develops and sells electronic, computer software to customers. The main products sell by Apple Inc which is iPhone smart-phone, iPad tablet computer and Mac personal computer(Mac-book). Apple
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The first advantage is well prepared and strength for Apple Inc is able to detect what will affect its profitability in the future and defeat their competitors with advance productions. Apple was ahead of other global competitors. It is only Apple devices have their own operating systems that able to run the IOS and making the customers remaining within the Apple’s ecosystem while maintaining their digital purchase. When the iPhone sales increase, it shows that more customers had been locked and continuously loyal with the Apple’s gadgets.
Besides that, the second advantage is achievable. Apple has created a sustainable competitive advantage for itself with iPhone platform. Apple has been able to make revenue of 70% particularly coming from the products that had created within the five years. The good quality of products support Apple's margins and makes profit. Apple Inc has this type of strength to guarantee their reputation to ensure that would not be defeat by other competitors.


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