Advantages Of Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a combination of real scene and virtual scene, where real scene is viewed by user and virtual scene is generated by computer that makes a scene with some additional information. In this User have to maintains a sense of presence in real world Because of that it always Needs a mechanism to combine virtual and real worlds.It can be used by using the various applications. Augmented Reality is the new step for the digital age. Augmented Reality plays an important role in various sectors as medical, gaming, IT sectors.
We can take various benefits from it if we have proper knowledge of how to use it and also we have easy availability of hardware systems and software systems.

Technologies for AR:-

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The Laser EyeTap is similar to the VRD except that it also has infinite depth of focus and causes the eye itself to, in effect, function as both a camera and a display.
Input devices :- Input devices includes speech recognition and gesture recognition. In which speech recognition used to translate the human spoken words into computer instructions, and then give us some appropriate output, and gesture recognition is used to interpret human's body part movements by using visual detection or by using sensors.
Software and algorithms:- software and algorithms includes the process and developments by using which we can develop augmented reality applications.for developers of Augmented Reality Applications, some software development kits (SDK) already have been emerged. Some SDK are such as CloudRidAR , Which leverage cloud computing for performance improvement. Some of the well known AR SDKs are offered by different companies.Augmented Reality Markup Language is a data standard developed within the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), which use an XML grammar to describe the appearance and location of virtual objects in the scene, as well as ECMAScript bindings, which allows dynamic access to the various properties of virtual

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