Advantages Of Augmented Reality Technology

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Is Augmented Reality Technology an Effective Tool for E-commerce?

It is without a doubt that e-commerce has become a part of life for most of us. The E-commerce industry has grown and has truly taken the world by storm. It has faced numerous challenges from its initial stages and has surpassed a ton of them, making it a successful innovation in how we shop. However, there definitely still is room for improvement, as there are challenges that are left to be addressed.

One of the biggest issues when shopping online is that lack of tangibility. It is difficult for a lot of us to reach a purchase decision when we do not have an idea as to how a product looks like, feels like, sounds like, smell like, or tastes like.

This is of the reasons why
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Its first AR image was produced back in 2004, making it a proponent to Augmented Reality. It is known to help provide eBay in 2011 with a “see it on” feature enabling users to see how fashion products look like on them.

Marxent is a well-known player in virtual and augmented reality. It provides solutions for product visualizations that help in sales and marketing. Marxent has worked with Toys”R” Us in its 2015 holiday catalog, which transformed the toy shop’s yearly book into a magical experience for kids.

So, is Augmented Reality really an effective tool in e-commerce?

In a world where innovation is the only thing that will keep a business adaptable to the ever-evolving needs of the society, augmented reality comes as an answer to address the intangibility issue that e-commerce has always faced. AR helps turn imagination into a reality, and ultimately help customers reach a purchase decision.

If properly utilized, AR will truly revolutionize e-commerce, and it will not only make online shopping more interactive but a truly better way to shop. There would be no need to escape the comforts of your home, brave the hassle of the outside, all without the yesteryears’ fears of not knowing how your products will look like on you or on your
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