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B2B Advertising: LinkedIn Ads & Google AdWords Synergy
Marketing using LinkedIn and Google Advertising for B2B
If you are seeking to create a B2B marketing campaign in the 21st century, success is quite limited without the use of social media. Therefore, to succeed in the B2B marketing campaign, it is important to focus on LinkedIn advertising primarily. Although advertising in other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter also have their place in the 21st B2B marketing, LinkedIn B2B is considered the most effective platform for B2B marketers. According to Jellyfish’s Alicia Dodd, 93% of B2B marketers consider Linked in the most preferred social media platform for their B2B marketing and advertisement.
The reason as to way B2B marketers prefer Linked is because it has the potential and capacity to instantly connect the advertiser to his or her preferred target audience. It is, therefore, an ultimate tool for advertisers seeking to develop professional relationships and sell products and services to potential prospects requiring what the advertiser is offering.
LinkedIn – The Ultimate Rolodex
Most marketers and advertisers who take their business seriously are registered members on LinkedIn. You may not like everything about the LinkedIn site, but if you want your business
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The use of Google remarketing combination with LinkedIn is one of the important ways ensuring that your CPC is law. Both Google’s Display Network and Search Network places ads on search engines results page, and visual banners on ad-supported websites allow for LinkedIn user engagement and build brand awareness. It is, therefore, important to use Google’s network to remarket as it is an effective way that enables you to tap into a market of leads and ensure that they keep returning to your site. This, therefore, allows you to close deals for a very low
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