Advantages Of Bhakti And Prapatti

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Bhakti and Prapatti corresponds to the operation of the Divine ascent and descent both point to the same fact; for Rāmānuja there is no material difference between them. Divine grace is achieved by both. Vedāntadeśika agrees that “even Prapatti like Bhaki is a means of pleasing God” and “Prapatti is the soul of Bhakti”. Bhakti and Prapatti are like two blades of the scissor. Bhakti is the language of ‘seek and find’, Prapatti is ‘seek not and find’.1
Advantages of Prapatti over Bhakti:
The chief advantage that Prapatti or Nyāsa Vidyā has over Bhakti-Yoga is that it is easier to practise than the latter. Bhakti-Yoga as seen has many obstacles on the path to the goal. The requisite for Bhakti are not easy to fulfil. God, on the other hand, who is the very home of love, is accessible to all and all must succeed in attaining Him. The royal road to Divine Supreme is open to all without any restriction as to the perfection of thought, feeling and
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Srinivāsacārī, the Gītā is the unique expression of the gospel of Nirhetuka Kaṭākṣa in which Lord Śri Kṛṣṇa is at once the teacher, mediator and saviour. The rahasyas or the mule mantra the dravya and the carama sloka contains the essence of Prapatti śāstra and imply that rakṣaka is himself the Upāya and Upeya (prāpya). He grace (dayā) of God is not conditioned by deeds or the moral needs of retribution. This religion of Nirhetuka Kaṭākṣa is summarised is the Sūtra style in Tamil by Pillai Lokācari in his Sri Vacana-bhūṣana, in the nature of Prapatti. It denies the value of Bhakti-Yoga with all its prerequisites and efforts needed and even Prapatti has no value if it is practised as a means of Mukti. Bhakti and Prapatti should follow from the grace and will of the rakṣaka. All endeavour of the jīva to attain the Lord which is called Sugata-Svīkāra is futile. Prapatti should be Pragaṭa-Svīkāra which means acceptance arising from God’s will and is “natural and
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