Advantages Of Blended Learning

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Effective Blended Learning- 5 Secrets Revealed

Blended learning is a buzz word that’s been thrown around quite a bit lately and brings together the best of both classroom learning and elearning. In fact it seems to be the ideal solution all-around as it appeals to all learning styles, circumstances, needs and demands. It combines the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of elearning.
‘Blending’ learning is a widely used term by HR and learning and development professionals to describe how they approach the design and delivery of learning solutions.
The term ‘blended learning’ first appeared in the late-90s when web-based educational solutions started to become more widely used and were integrated one way or another with face-to-face methods.
Blended learning — blending face-to-face, in-classroom instruction with active online learning — is still a relatively new and emerging educational trend permeating the
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1. It can keep students focused for longer periods of time. The use of computers to look up information/data is a tremendous time saver, especially when used to access a comprehensive resource like the Internet to conduct research. This time-saving aspect can keep students focused on a project much longer than they would with books and paper resources, and it helps them develop better learning through exploration and research.
2. It makes students more excited to learn. When technology is integrated into school lessons, learners are more likely to be interested in, focused on, and excited about the subjects they are studying. Subjects that might be monotonous for some – like math and science – can be much more engaging with virtual lessons, tutoring, and the streaming of educational videos. Check out our free lessons page! We just updated it with brand new content that we believe will be a tremendous benefit to you and your
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