Advantages Of Brics In South Africa

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According to South Africa Country Profile, South Africa is “one of the continent’s biggest and most developed economies”, its capital is Pretoria and their president Jacob Zuma. It is located on the South of the African continent and has an amazing historical and cultural past.
South Africa is a member of BRICS, an association regrouping five emerging economies which are Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. (“BRICS”)
Being a member of the BRICS permits the country to have a significant influence on the world’s economy as its ranking is increasing more and more.
The country has an interesting competitive advantage to analyze, and it can be related to Porter’s articles. Indeed, there are different theories shown in Porter’s articles
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Secondly, as for the demand conditions. In Porter’s “Competitive Advantage of Nations” book he enhances the fact that in order to sustain competitive advantage, a nation not only has to create new ways of marketing approach and to use innovative tools, it also has to continue finding ways to use more sophisticated tools in order to keep this competitive advantage. Anticipation is key in this process, if competitors do not have any clue of new innovative ideas, the nation has an advantage on them. (Gowans; Porter)
For instance, South Africa has shown that they know how to respond to these demand conditions. As a matter of fact, they designed a new, unique and innovative product that cannot be available elsewhere, it is called the “Wheelmaster Boat” targeting disabled people, more specifically paraplegic people, for them to have the same access as others to water tray. By creating this new product, the country knows how to respond to the needs of their population and at the same time they are ahead of other
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