Advantages Of Carrefour

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1. Competitive Advantage this case,in order to gain competitive advantage, Carrefour is focusing on delivering super value offering to the customer. Carrefour realized that changes in consumer demand are the principal causes of the evolution of retailing institution. Competitive advantage is viewed as a explanation of a firm success and long-term survival. With knowing the firm and competitiors, competitive advantage can be established by delivering more value to the customers in a more efficient manner (Day and Wensley 1988; Porter 1985). However, to a competitive advantage, the firm should focusing on the customers needs instead of their internal operations (Czepiel 1992; Zeithaml 1988). the importance of customer value has been known as…show more content…
Carrefour diversified their operations to introduce a new retailing type, shopping-mall-type hypermarket.This innovative-type store has modern-looking facilities, implement one particular unique theme on each floor and creates various shopping spaces for the consumer. For example, on the food and beverage flood, a variety of cuisines, and building that includes not only the playground floor for children to play video games and purchase various toys, but also a small public and bookstores( TSUCHIYA, H). 2. Strategy Of International Business (Glocal Strategy) Carrefour use a glocalization strategy for their international business. Glocalization is a some global business strategy which is the fusion of globalization and localization activities and tendencies (Robertson, 1995; Svensson, 2001; Poe and Courter, 1997; Maynard, 2003). The Carrefour motto wich is that we are global, we act local make us know that the main strategy of Carrefour is adaptation to the local market without losing their identity. Carrefour motto shows their willingness to adapt to the environment and cultures all around the world. A key of Carrefour global success has been its adjustment ability to adapt in situations without losing their motto, Carrefour also provides the autonomy and the flexibility for managers to know and to adapt into the local business field (Svensson, 2001; Tian,
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