Advantages Of Chlorine Analyzer

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Advantages of Chlorine analyzer
Plug and play design
No Reagent Replacement, No Waste Stream
EPA Compliance
Advanced Diagnostics
Real-time Process Monitoring and Control

6.0 Selection of the best alternative
Selection of the best alternative is somewhat complicated task. Both have it’s own advantages and disadvantages. By comparing them and considering other factors like economic advantages and social advantages, the final conclusion can be achieved. The alternatives proposed to upgrade exiting water treatment plant in Thissa wewa tank have tabulated below.

Advantages Disadvantages

Simple Processes of construction an repairing Take considerable time to construction
Easy to do construction of various treatment equipment due to in-situ
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12 Construction of Sludge Thickeners. 7,267,696.10
13 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Gas Chlorinators and Accessories. 9,464,778.11
14 Construction of 80m3 Capacity 13m Height Elevated Ferro cement Tank. 4,950,759.28
15 10cu.m Capacity Disposal Water Collecting Sump (from sludge drying beds). 1,018,015.50
16 Supply, Delivery and Installation of Low lift pumps 28,030,000.00
17 Site Works. 20,268,817.04
18 Construction of 250 m3 Capacity Elevated Water Tower at Pandulagama. 42,507,600.54 Sub Total - 01 259,244,172.51 Add 10% Physical Contingencies 25,924,417.25 Less discount if any - Sub Total - 02 285,168,589.76 Value Added Tax (15%) 42,775,288.46 Total of sum (Including VAT) 327,943,878.22 Total of sum (Including Tax in USD) $2,186,292.52

Item No Description Amount (Rs.) LKR
1 Fabrication, Supplying and Installation of Pontoon type Pumping intake. 7,100,000.00
2 Raw Water Line. 6,911,284.50
3 Construction of Aerator. 1,875,159.40
4 Modification to the Existing Flocculator. 2,597,144.00
5 Installing of Lamella Settlers (2 Nos) 22,400,000.00
6 Installing of Ultrafiltration Units (2 Nos)
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