Advantages Of Christine Oliver

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3.1 Literature Review:-
Christine Oliver suggests that the context and process of selecting resources is an important influence on firm heterogeneity and its sustainable competitive advantage. She argued that the sustainable advantage of a firm depends on its ability managing its institutional context of resource decisions. She also suggest that both resource & institutional capital are prerequisite to sustainable competitive advantage.

3.2 Competitive Advantage is defined as possessing strong resources and capabilities that are super incumbent to those of its rivals where firm-specific assets resources could help in creating differentiation competitive advantages.

Strategic approaches are often wide and varies and the resource-based view
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It possesses a strong sales and marketing team showing enormous effort to focus on greater marketing and development in effective advertising/promotional campaigns for its range of products.

Core competencies is a collective knowledge of production skills and technologies that enable an organization to provide specific benefits to customers and underpinning the leadership that organizations have built/wish to acquire over their competitors (Prahalad & Hamel, 1990). As such core competencies cover an integration of skills, technology and knowledge in GSK that leads to competitive advantage. GSK has invested heavily in their R&D and unique technology innovation as well as their ownership of patents and in areas where they expected to see growth in revenues.

GSK being one the financially strong key player in the pharmaceutical industry and has used its vast resources to create/renew pipeline of their pharmaceutical product. They are equipped with human capital such as skilful R&D scientists and sales & marketing team to promote/advertise effective campaigns, innovative technology in drug discovery & development coupled with their expansive list of patented drugs secured their competitive advantages over its peers. These advantages added value to their products and creating a wide economic moat in the
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