Advantages Of Code Switching

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2. Introduction

Hong Kong was the colony of British between 1841 to 1997. Due to the historical and political factors, both Chinese and English were the official language back then. People mainly speak Cantonese and English in their daily life which appear the phenomenon of code-switching. Code-switching is a class of linguistic behaviour representing switching between different codes including languages and dialects in the course of a single interaction. Code-switching is commonly appear in Hong Kong like newspaper, social media and advertisements. In this research proposal, we are aim to find out (1)How common that HK people use code-switching, (2)The frequency of HK people use code-switching and (3)What are the reasons for them to code-switch.

3. Literature review

Defined by Kachru (1978: 28), the ‘code-­mixing’ (code-switching) means to use “one or more languages for consistent transfer of linguistic units from one language into another”. It shows that code-switching have a close relationship with languages and dialects. Hong Kong is a international commercial center and the pearl of Orient, our culture, language are highly influenced by Eastern and Western. Hong Kong as a polyglossia society, Cantonese, English and Mandarin are always used in our daily life. Due to educational, professional and some
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Therefore, some people think that the use of mixed Cantonese and English destroys the purity of Chinese. Code-switching takes an important part of Hong Kong’s people daily life, but some people think that it makes our language a second-class language. Code-switching function as a special cultural feature of Hong Kong and it has appeared in Hong Kong for a long time, somehow it becomes part of Hong Kong as well, which people even created a new term for it —“Chinglish”. So it is important for us to study the code-switching behaviour of Hong Kong
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