Advantages Of Competitive Pay

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Exploring the Merit of Competitive Pay In virtually every field of work in a capitalist society, employees are payed (either directly or indirectly) according to their performance. Whether a good employee has the opportunity to receive a promotion, or their salary is strictly based on commission which increases based on sales performance, most American workers can agree on one thing; The better you are at your job, the more you get payed. Such a broad generalization as this is a surprisingly safe assumption to make in many professions, but when it comes to education, the jury still seems to be out. Though merit-based pay is by no means a new topic of conversation in the educational world, there seems to be a large divide between those that see what appears to be a very logical pay scale, and those that believe the consequences far outweigh the benefit. In this essay, we will explore the perceived problems and benefits associated with merit pay, and how it applies to a music educator such as myself. Before delving into the advantages and disadvantages, it is important to clearly define the subject at hand. Competitive pay (also referred to as merit pay or performance pay) is exactly what it sounds like. Quite simply, teachers are evaluated in a few “easily measurable” ways, and given raises in pay based on their performance in the evaluated categories. The goal is to find teachers who are doing an exceptional job at delivering educational content to their students, and reward those teachers for their efforts. The most standard way to measure this is by measuring the performance of students on standardized tests, however, the measuring system varies between schools and districts that have implemented competitive pay. Some schools also choose to observe the teachers in classes and add this to the criteria for evaluation. This allows the administration to more closely determine the effectiveness of the teacher, ensuring that the teacher is truly contributing to an increase or decrease in student performance. Through these criteria, pay raises can be awarded to individuals or even groups that show better results. It is no secret that teachers want to be payed more. Education is often referred to as a noble
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