Advantages Of Content Analysis

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McQueen and Knussen (2002) are of the view that, there are many techniques available to a researcher that allow him or her to explore, describe and draw inferences, examine issues and so on. In this research, the researcher will make use of descriptive research.The descriptive research was employed because the study was mainly about the qualitative ways of establishing reader perceptions on political articles by Manheru. The research will not be generalised, data will be gathered from the editor, sub editor and the readers. Although the descriptive research has a disadvantage, that is, it has a tendency to look deceptively simple and select data which may be relevant (Best ad Khan; 1993). A research methodology or paradigm can also be viewed…show more content…
Content analysis is a method of analyzing written, verbal or visual communication (Cole; 1988). Content analysis can be a powerful tool for determining authorship. For instance, one technique for determining authorship is to compile a list of suspected authors and analyse the style of writing and the preferred words in the articles. When used properly content analysis is a powerful data reduction technique. It major benefit comes from the fact that is a systematic, and does not require contact with people, establishing reliability is easy and straight forward. However, content analysis though very descriptive it tends to fail to reveal the underlying motives for the observed pattern thus the need to be combined with other research methods such as interviews and observations, analysis may also be limited by availability of content.The researcher employed this research method to get a better understanding of how the readers of the Nathaniel Manheru column The other side view the political articles in that column and whether they buy into the ideologies presented in the articles or

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