Advantages Of Deep Sea Port

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Ports are basically a means of integration into the global economic system. Ports are basically a means of integration into the global economic system. As international barriers to trade have effectively been lifted by the WTO-agreements since the 1980s, global manufacturers have vertically disintegrated their production systems into geographically dispersed and flexibly organized supply chain systems. The development of deep sea ports as associate economic infrastructure assumes that like roads, communications and alternative economic infrastructures, ports have a positive impact on the expansion and development of states. Deep sea port development has positive effects on employment and revenue earnings of a rustic.. The cluster of activities…show more content…
• To allow associate degree uninterrupted growth of the mobile trade, institution of a deeper sea port is that the solely possibility ahead. Further, taking under consideration the present port capability and also the growth of trade volume, a replacement deep sea port can have to be compelled to be operational by the tip of gift decade even though Mongla and Chittagong ports square measure any developed.
• The doable enlargement of the 2 ports but can haven't any dramatic impact on the forecasted trade volumes and there'll be sufficient mobile trade warranting a replacement deep sea port.
• Chittagong port has significant limitation on the length and the draft of vessels entering the port.
• The maximum permissible draft of the vessels that can enter the port jetties varies between 7.0m and 8.5m depending on the tide and weather conditions and there is a length restriction of up to 225m. This port also cannot handle larger container vessels.
• Since the existing two sea ports are situated along the bank of the rivers with draft limitations in berths, none of the ports can accept large vessels at
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