Advantages Of Distance Learning In The Traditional Method Of Education

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Distance Learning

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Date: Distance Learning
Distance learning is a study technique introduced in the late 19th century to help aid those that were unable to reach formal forms of education is also referred to as e-learning derived from the use of the internet to convey the syllabus and distance education. It is characterized by the physical state of teacher-student relationship that is affected by the geographical separation and in some situations also time separation. Ideally distance learning is normal learning only in a non-conventional manner. It is mostly offered by established institution thus the materials used for the traditional method of learning are similar to those used in the program only that it may be customized to fit the virtual learning. It is highly appreciated by full time workers seeking to be recertified or generally trying to add to their academic qualifications, military serving personnel, non-residence or
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web based courses and web based services. Web based courses is whereby learning is facilitated through the accessibility of digital reading resources ,podcasting, email linked group discussions, chat rooms and test taking functional virtual classroom while web based services revolves around the accessibility of physical tutors for employee with the institution controlling the contact. Usually the tutor is part of the institution and is also certified by the institution before a referral is made and the student takes up the curriculum of the institution despite their geographical location. This program merges perfectly with the conventional modes of learning as it is subjected to scrutiny by the same agencies that verify the traditional learning modes. It uses the same standards as the traditional modes to implement its studies as well as equip its trainees with the same knowledge.
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