Advantages Of Diversity In Organizations

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According to Greenberg (2017), diversity refers to a variety of differences between people in an organization. It encompasses race, gender, ethnic groups, age, personality, education, sexual orientation, and more. These things not only affect how one interacts or perceives themselves and others, but it also affects how others interact or perceive them. Advantages There are a number of advantages/benefits to utilizing diverse teams within an organization. One advantage would be that coworkers with diverse backgrounds bring distinctive experiences and insight to the table in gatherings and work groups (Ingram, 2017). However, it is not only the different types of expertise people bring to the task. They also have distinct personalities and different ways of approaching and solving problems. Moreover, the way the traits are applied can be as important as combined technical knowledge (Wilde, 2010). Take age for instance, these experiences could be from personal involvements one has had during the course of their working years as well as life experiences given the person’s age. A person’s ethnic background could also bring unique experiences. A second advantage/benefit would be increased creativity. With each of the different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs coming together working for a common goal, increased creativity can be achieved as well as the myriad of ideas and viewpoints from each of the individuals. They can draw from the pool strategies and effectively deal with
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