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Stunning Dual Occupancy Designs in Melbourne
The concept of dual occupancy designs is gaining more recognition. After all, these designs offer you the ability to maximize the value of your land.
Our dual occupancy designs in Melbourne come in an innovative, modern range of floor plans providing affordable housing solutions for a growing population. The Bill Jacobs team are specialists in multi-dwelling developments. We have the expert knowledge, proven track record and experience you need to maximize your property's investment potential.
Whether your dual occupancy is joined (duplex) or separate (two dwellings), it is important to consider the land and how access is gained to each place of residence. We
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Contract and Build Permit - Once you meet the council's permit conditions; sign the contract after which we will apply for a building permit for your project.
Construction - The actual construction will start once you have through the above steps. You will be updated with the status through our regular inspections and weekly progress reports.
Benefits of Duplex Investments
The cost of building a dual occupancy property is less expensive and the investment qualities are highly appealing. Opting for it can provide a number of key benefits to investors including:
Privacy - Each property gets the maximum privacy as they just share a central wall. Rest, they are independent fitted with their own separate amenities, bedrooms, yards and garages as well.
Income potential - If you are planning to build a duplex home for your own by renting out the adjoining property or buying it purely for an investment
Attractive than flat - When it comes to selling, duplex homes are typically much more attractive to home buyers than any other ordinary
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