Advantages Of E-Cars

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E – Cars for sustainable business industry A lot of issues nowadays regarding the disruption of our environment are usually blamed on the influence of the business industries. Rampant cutting of trees, throwing garbage on bodies of water, extensive chemical waste from manufacturing factories and smoke from transportation vehicles have stir up concern among the environmentalists and people in the society. These projects aim to provide development in the society. But they too, were under criticisms because of their negative effects on the environment. To address this issue without compromising the state of business industry, some companies and firms have come up with solutions that does not only aim advancement and development in the quality…show more content…
There are some things to consider before even taking your first step on this innovation. There are a lot of places who don’t have recharging stations. If you happen to buy an e – car and there isn’t a recharging station nearby, this might as well become a hassle to you instead of a benefit. Recharging stations on those countries who have already adapted these cars are still in the process and development stages. Electric, like gasoline, isn’t free. There are even electric cars which require huge charge of electricity in order to function properly. E – Cars also have limited driving range and speed. Unlike the conventional cars, most e – cars have a range of *50 – 100 miles. In addition to that, what takes you minutes in fueling your cars in gasoline station may take you 4 – 6 hours of charging for e – car. Moreover, batteries that are used by e – cars are required to be changed every **3 – 10 years. This means that, there would be a need for more production of batteries that would also lead to more battery waste products. An increase in production of batteries and waste products can contribute to the destruction of the
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