Advantages Of E Commerce

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Advantages of E-Commerce

E-commerce is changing how companies conduct business, and it is changing the economy (Azadi & Rahimzadeh, 2012). E-commerce applications allow companies to process different tasks simultaneously, such as: online sales, orders, deliveries, and payments (Lin et al, 2009). Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are finding it difficult to compete with online marketers. Some advantages of E-Commerce includes: cost reduction, brand recognition, globalization, competitive advantage, supply chain improvement, lead generation, profitability, etc. (Perrigot & Penard, 2013). According to Pujani et al, (2012), some advantages of incorporating e-business tools into a company’s business model are: (1) sales and revenue growth; (2) distribution channel improvements; (3) access to globalized markets; (4) 24 hours operations, and more. Wen (2012) asserted that E-commerce (online shopping) provides the customers and retailers many advantages, such as: Customers: (1) wider selection of products and brands available; (2) huge amount of product and service information; and (3) access to websites 24/7. For retailers, (1) E-Commerce provides an opportunity to sell products and reach global customers instantly over the World Wide Web; (2) cost savings of doing business online; savings on rent space, labor, and storage; and (3) time saving and increase profitability. Companies can achieve competitive advantages over competitors by using McCarthy’s four…

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