Advantages Of English In Chinese Culture

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The integration of aspects from other cultures in a culture is an example of culture hybridization; the English language has been recently used in China regularly. English itself has been becoming a worldwide language, about 300 million to 450 million people on Earth are native English speakers and more than 1 billion people in total know how to speak English (“English as a Global Language”). In China, English is taught in schools of all levels and individuals are even learning the language on their leisure time. There are about 400 million learners of English just in China (“English Language Teaching and Learning at the National Level in China” 5). In lower education schools, such as primary and secondary school, English is intensively taught and studied. English is one of the optional subjects on a Chinese exam called China’s National College Entrance Examine, which is similar to the SATs taken by students in America (10). In postsecondary educationC or higher education, English is the most “in play” in China (10). Anywhere on campus, one can see students conversing and studying English. All higher education students are required to take 2 years of English regardless of their majors and for English majors, 4 or more years of English are required (10). To incorporation of English in Chinese culture can be identified as cultural hybridization.
Music is a way to show feelings and expressions that represent a culture. It can also be known as a way of communication that breaks
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