Advantages Of Extreme Programming

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What is extreme programming?
Extreme programming is a type of agile software development. It’s a software methodology with an intension of improving the quality of software and improving the responsiveness to changing needs of customers.
The core practises adopted by extreme programming are simple and self-complete. More complex and emergent behaviour can be produced by combination of these practises
The cost of changing program doesn’t change over time as extreme programming follows some of the practises like getting feedback from customers, coding and testing frequently and eliminating defects early, and Involving customers in every stage of development
Extreme programming takes principles and practises to extreme level
• Code is reviewed all the time
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Incorporation of scrum practises and adaption as planning game
• In 1999, A book ‘extreme programming explained’ was published by Kent and A book ‘Refctoring’ was published by Martin fowler
Advantages of Extreme Programming
Extreme programming has following advantages over other software development lifecycles
• Timely Delivery due to short and achievable development cycles
• Continuous involvement of customer provides immediate solution to customer issues and provides transparency with customers
• Continuous testing ensures changes do not break the existing operations and provides sufficient time to accommodate changes
• Defects are detected and fixed early by carrying out unit tests
• Good communication and clarification as a result of customer involvement
• Changes can be incorporated at any point of time
• Good team work and collaboration ensures enthusiasm and trust
Extreme Programming – Values
5 values of Extreme programming
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