Advantages Of Free College Tuition

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Should the United States develop a system for free college tuition? Free college tuition would benefit many college students and people interested in getting a higher education because as of the moment the education system is built around money and having to get student loans or scholarships if you cannot come up with tuition up front. It would also take a lot of money out of the economy for the first 10 years or so, mainly because it would take people being able to graduate with a degree for a higher salary for the United States to be able to charge more on taxes to make up for the money lost going to pay for the faculty salary and the student textbook fees. Many are for a free college tuition system but many are also against it because nobody wants to pay even more on taxes but once the people who are against it would see the amount of money begin put back into the economy from the raised taxes there would be able to see the goal of the whole idea. The United States needs to develop a system for free college to give students the ability to get an education they never would have been able to get before and would allow for more money to be brought into the economy from more Americans getting higher paying jobs and make the U.S. a more prosperous nation.
Free college would save many students money which would in turn keep them out of debt. Without having to save up money, take a year off college to get a job to pay for it or take out student loans would save all students an
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