Advantages Of Fundamentals Of Database Management System

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Fundamentals of Database Management Systems.
What is Database Management System?
Today, Database management systems play a main role in management, data transportation, administrative and control systems. A database management system (DBMS) is system software for creating, managing databases. A database management system creates a systematic way for programs, apps and users to create, retrieve, delete, update and manage data. DBMS ensure that data is consistently organized and remains easily accessible. As a normal person we access to database management systems every day within our personal computers, mobile phones and various digital devises for various purposes like play online games, find something, find a place. Today every business, organization use a DBMS for store,
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That is the very first DBMS. Then IBM created their own database system, called IMS. That creates for NASA’s APPOLO space shuttle program. These two systems are the navigational data bases. These database systems are not easy to use. In 1970s EDGAR CODD thought of a way to make things a bit easier. He wrote a paper A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks. This concept becomes relational DBMS.

Advantages of a DBMS

There are so many advantages of using DBMS. The biggest advantage is DBMS lets end users and application programmers’ access and use the same data while managing data integrity. And data is better maintained and protected. Data can be shared using a DBMS instead of creating new iterations of the same data stored in new files for every new application. A central storage of data provides by a DBMS that can be accessed by multiple users in same time in a controlled manner.
Central storage and management of data within the DBMS provides:
• Data security. (DBMS provides high security. Anyone cannot access data without root’s permission).
• Data independence and abstraction.
• A locking system for concurrent
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