Advantages Of Genetically Modified Crops

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The Advantages of GMO crops • Genetically modified crops have shorter maturation periods, meaning they can be harvested much faster and in shorter intervals. Therefore farmers can produce more crops in shorter time frames and increase their profitability • Genetically modified crops make agriculture more sustainable. • Due to the short maturation periods, soil salinity decreases as the crops don’t spend as long taking nutrients and minerals out of the soil. • Genetically modified crops are made to be better/improved and carry strong genes for certain favourable characteristics. This allows for higher quality crops to be produced. • They have resistance to diseases and viruses, herbicides and pesticides. • There is an increased yield in the…show more content…
( • Inserting new genes into crops can cause the existing genes to react in unknown ways changing the characteristics and quality of the product. ( ) Why people are opposed to the genetic modification of organisms • People believe that by inserting genes of another species into crops the taste and physical characteristics will change/differ. • Genetically modified crops cost a lot more to produce; more than expected therefore some farmers are against it. • There is an increased use of pesticides and herbicides due to herbicide resistance in the genetically modified crops which is harmful to the environment therefore people do not support GM crops. • People believe that GM organisms are unnatural and for that reason are unsafe. • There has not been enough testing done on genetically modified products to deem them completely safe therefore they are avoided. • People believe that by producing GMO’s scientists are ‘playing God’ and that it is not morally
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