Advantages Of Globalization

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Advantages of Globalization
Eun Chan Jung (Nathan)
ILSC Toronto

Globalization progressed and many advantages like economic growth, education and opportunities of employment were made.
I. International economy is growing up. A. Free trade between countries has been activated and international capital also began to turn. 1. “Foreign direct investment (“FDI”) tends to increase at a much greater rate that the growth in world trade, helping boost technology transfer, industrial restructuring, and the growth of global companies.” (Kuepper, 2017, para.4). B. New skill development due to globalization helps inspire improved rivalry. 1. FDI contributes to advance financial production through creating procedures more effective (Kuepper, 2017). C. Trade Agreements were made to make economic growth. 1. Trade Agreements, like FTA and NAFTA ease global trade, thus strongly impacting individuals at the economy.
II. Increases knowledge of other countries. A. People can exchange culture through arts. 1. Different cultures can be experienced and shared through Hollywood and Bollywood films. B. People can learn and understand different cultures through education. 1. Students can sit at school and learn almost everything about the world through education. C. Sports events such as the World Cup and Olympics can also be used for cultural exchange. 1. Through watching sports game, people can learn another country’s traditional event and
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