Advantages Of Group Decision Making

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There are several advantages for group decision making. For example, George and Jones (2012) propose four main advantages over individual decision making. First, the availability and diversity of group members’ skills and knowledge give group decision making the advantage over its individual counterpart. That is, for specific decisions the skills and knowledge of each member within the group are pooled and the resulted expertise will be focused upon a specific problem to be solved. Relatedly, the diversity (age, gender, cultural background) of the members who are engaged in group decision making provides the opportunity for various perspective regarding the problem to be solved. Maier (1967) provides additional support for this advantage. He also asserts that all team members do not need to be similarly trained or come from the same background to obtain these positive effects. In fact, when group makers come from different experiential backgrounds, they may provide greater advantages to the group because they perceive problems differently and knock each other out of ruts in their thinking.
A second advantage with group decision making is related to enhanced memory for facts (George & Jones ,2012). Since the group rely on the memory of its members, the group decision making reduce the likelihood for forgetting information needed for making decisions. In fact, when one of the group members forgets some important pieces of information, the other member can remind him or…
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