Advantages Of Hidden Strategies In Saud Bahhwan Firm

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In this TMA I am going to discuss the reasons behind hidden strategy in Saud Bahwan firm from all but top-level executives. Also, all strategies should make for themselves what is bitter for their firm. As we know the strategy is very important for any firm to achieve goals in short or long time. A strategy is get a solution from all problems in any firm in the world. The managers are but many goals to get out from problems in their organizations. There are so many benefits for hidden strategies and effect in the firm by advantage in all purl in firm as money, repetition, and management.
I take a great example firm here in Oman is Saud Bahwan firm to discuss and analyze reasons in secret and keep its strategies hidden from all but the highest
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Today, many firms are effect by changing in growing the world by political, social and technology times. After that, the other reason is make a strategy of a new vision and direction for the firm also this is strategy must be hidden and secret because everyone in organisations need to know their purpose because without this is vision the executives will be send their staff in fail side. Saud Bahwan firm is renew this is vision and the evidence is what they are reached today from successful. For example, they are interest by staff through give them a flat, a car, and bounces every year. All this is strategies planning by top-level executives to success firms. Furthermore it, the other reason is the time for the strategy. In this is firm all top-level executives are put a long time or a short time for firm’s strategies and they are keep it secret of others executive, because they are need to achieve their goals in specific time. For example, some products are need to sale annually and after one year be change as cars. In last, the social and natural life of Saud Bahwan firm force it to conduct strategic planning in secret and keep hidden. Because there are so many companies around this is firm and they are tray to copy their
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