Advantages Of Hijab

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Hijab (head scarf)
Hijab is a piece of material that mostly Muslim women wear on their heads to hide their hair and “beauty” from the public. the wearing of head scarf varies from person to person, it can be as extreme as hide all of the hair, face, eyes forehead, ears, neck and upper part of the breasts, or as casual as just cover the back of the head or as people say in Kurdistan “they are just hiding their hair clip”. Within the Muslim society there are two sides on the wearing of Hijab. The first side is the pro-Hijab side; this side is divided into two other parts, the women who wear it to practice their religion and the women who are forced to wear the Hijab. The second side is Muslim women that are against the wearing of Hijab and see it as an act of domination of men and subordination of women. In my belief Hijab should only be worn if it is for the right reasons as such, for the respect of religion and go.
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Their argument for wearing the Hijab is that Allah has required Muslim women to wear the Hijab and conceal their beauty. Another argument that they usually give is that they don’t want society to concentrate on their beauty they want society to concentrate on their personality and their intelligence. The second view, says that women should wear the Hijab because it protects them from sexual harassment from men, majority of the women that wear the Hijab for this particular reason only are usually forced by their families and male figures to wear the Hijab. The men believe that their women would have a higher social prestige and will be respected by other men in
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