Advantages Of Hotel Experience

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Top 5 Unique Hotel Experience in the World
Holidays with family or friends are those where you spend time inside the hotel or roam around to explore the place. Moreover, it is also like spending some time by sitting at the hotel pool and enjoying reading the book. The main aim of having this short and luxury hotel holidays are to spend some time away from the city chaos and professional life. People love experiencing some unique and luxury stay by paying good amount on the package. Sharing the same experience by Instagraming or on Facebook to make other jealous is what people love to do. However, this experience does come with the price tag that need to decided and planned accordingly.
Holidaymakers are now looking for bigger and better amenities
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Waldorf Astoria hotel New York offers its guest to take ride in MacLaren, one of the reputed sports cars in the world. To add more, guest can also get behind the wheel of Porsche 911 Turbo or Ferrari 458 Italia. Along with professional race car driver, you're going to enjoy the best luxury experience in your trip.
Sky-High Sips with Side of Sicily- Fullerton Hotel, Singapore: How luxurious it would be to enjoy the dinner in the rooftop and watching the Marina Bay sight? This rooftop spot dates back to 18th century and was the place for beacon that brought mariners safely to Singapore's port. The Fullerton’s Lighthouse Restaurant & Rooftop Bar have also unveiled new concept of Southern Italian cuisine that makes the dining experience much luxurious.
Cloud Camp at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Canada: Located on the west coast of British Columbia's Vancouver Island, this Wilderness resort is supremely exotic and offers one of the best hotel experiences for its guests. Set at the 4,500 feet above sea level, the Cloud Camp involves helicopter flight, hiking and dinner under the star gazing sky. One can even enjoy an overnight. To add more, there are 20 white canvas massages, lounge and guest tents. Guest can also go for daily wilderness trips, including horseback riding, kayaking, hiking and many more. Watching the magical sunset from the cliff is truly
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