Advantages Of Idioms

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This article aims to show the advantages and importance of learning and using idioms English language. According to the research of this article, the integration of idioms has a very important attention in the teaching and learning process of English, especially as a form to implement effective techniques to incorporate idioms in the classroom. Idioms in and outside the classroom are widely believed to help teachers and students promote an innovative environment of communication. However, the integration of idioms in the teaching and learning process may be difficult or ineffective for some learners or teachers because it is not relevant or necessary for carrying out educational goals. Furthermore, from teachers' perspectives, with a variety of activities based on idioms can help to facilitate needs and challenge students' learning process. The type of activities and how they are constructed in the classroom is found as one of the most important aspects that help to the success of using idioms in and outside the classroom and the appropriate teachers' role. The use of idioms has a great influence in the teaching and learning…show more content…
The English language can be considered as being made up of two components: "Text book English" and "Natural English". The textbook form of English is composed using proper English vocabulary, while strictly adhering to the rules of English grammar. The sentences in textbook English are necessarily grammatically correct and complete in all respects. The natural form of English, on the other hand, allows liberal use of slang, jargon, phrases and idioms, lending a colorful hue to the language. Natural English is spoken at an informal level, and it is the idioms in the language that give it a natural, conversational and creative feel. So, if you want to speak English fluently, just like a native speaker, it is important that you learn English
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