Advantages Of Immunotherapy

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Cancer therapy has revolutionized from conventional nonspecific approaches such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy to a specific method, immunotherapy. Clinical data and results illustrate significant increase in demand for strategies to improve the health of cancer patients. improve immunotherapy during the past two decades because of its major advantages compared to conventional therapies [advantages of immunotherapy to conventional]. Immunotherapy works by integrating immune system to fight cancer cells. According to Hanahan (04-page 2) cancer, one of the biggest difficulties of the modern world, is an immunological disease. Cancer immunotherapy is performed either by targeting tumor cells directly or activating immune cells. However, there have been new approaches such as…show more content…
Antibodies can carry on this task either in naked form or conjugated to drugs/toxins such as Gemtuzumab conjugated to Calicheamicin for treating acute myeloid lymphoma which is currently in clinical trial phase II. [antibody drug conjugate]. There is vast variety of antigens to date that have been targeted by antibodies. Table 1 lists some of the most known antibodies against these antigens. In most cases antibodies implement their effects through antibody or complement dependent cell cytotoxity as well as phagocytosis by macrophages after bound to antigens. They can also inhibit tumor growth by blocking the receptor signaling dependent growth such as Trastuzumab, known as Herceptin, against HER2. [mechanism of action of…show more content…
Antibodies against various stimulatory antigens such as OX40, CD137, CD27 and others have been produced. [01-page3]
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