Advantages Of Intermodal Mode

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The mode choice model is derived for truck and rail/truck modes; where the intermodal mode includes a road section intended for reaching the nearest railway station adding up to the rail section. Correspondingly to the past section, the choice model was developed with regard to 8 types of commodities including both rail and road in their transportation records. Although the model’s description was relatively appropriate for four types of commodity, they were eliminated since they did not account for a considerable proportion of the countries commodity transactions. Therefore, the model was narrowed down to four groups of goods –i.e. mineral, petroleum, construction, and raw metal goods- which account for %56 of the ton-kilometers of
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Binary choice model estimations
Due to estimation results, transportation costs, interaction of the shipmen weight by the time distance, and the accessibility of origin and destination to the railway network could significantly account for how the freight forwarders choose to transport their goods .The cost variable in the model of mineral commodities has high elasticity and substantially influences the choice mode. This is due to the nature of mineral commodities, that are transported in large weights, and for which the rail network is more economical than the road network.
The concurrent effect of weight and distance on the mode choice is why the shipment weight by the distance was considered as a variable. For example, for short distances, it is possible for a sender to dispatch a shipment with high weight and choose truck over rail. Such decision might be result of the fixed primary cost in the rail sector, and it being time-consuming (7-16). The negative value of this variable indicates as the ton-kilometer of the freight increases, the probability of opting road transportation decrease. However, if the weight or the distance is exclusively increased, the probability might not change. Considering the higher elasticity of this variable in mineral and petroleum commodities, it has a substantial role in choosing the mode of
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