Advantages Of Liposal Drug Encapsulation

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1.2 Liposal drug encapsulation A well designed controlled drug delivery system can overcome some of the problems of conventional therapy and enhance the therapeutic efficacy of a given drug. To obtain maximum therapeutic efficacy, it becomes necessary to deliver the agent to the target tissue in the optimal amount in the right period of thereby causing little toxicity and minimal side effects (Kawashima et al., 2003). There are various approaches in delivering a therapeutic substance to the target site in a sustained controlled release fashion. One such approach is using liposome as a carriers for drug. Liposomal microencapsulation for occular use has been employed to sustain the drug release, and to reduce or eliminate occular irritation. In addition, …show more content…

Release of active reagent with a good control over a wide time scale. 5. Biocompatibility with a controllable biodegradability. 6. Susceptibility to chemical modification (Alagusundaram et al., 2009). Incorporation of solid, liquid or gases into one or more polymeric coatings can be done by microencapsulation technique. The method of preparation is Ionotropic- crosslinking technique 1.5.3 Advantages of Microencapsulation The various advantages offered by Microencapsulation are: 1. Reliable means to deliver the drug to the target site with specificity, if modified, and to maintain the desired concentration at the site of interest without untoward effects. 2. Solid biodegradable beads have the potential throughout the particle matrix for the controlled release of drug. 3. Beads received much attention not only for prolonged release, but also for targeting of anticancer drugs to the tumour. 4. The size, surface charge and surface hydrophilicity of beads have been found to be important in determining the fate of particles in vivo. 5. Studies on the macrophage uptake of beads have demonstrated their potential in targeting drugs to pathogens residing intracellularly. 6. Blood flow

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